Totally unexpected busy day

Libby is away today on a social outing with a respite group ,so I decided I would do some more spring cleaning …..But we have been enjoying the howling westerlies for the last few days and today they are back again.So had a rethink and went to see if any branches from the gumtree outside my back fence had come down .Collected what I needed and got organised to do some ecodying….Ive only done it a few times with mixed results .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere is one roll done and the layout of the second roll, these are both done on old wool blanketing and I also did 2 Archers 300gsm watercolour paper bundles.Ive never eco dyed paper before though I have and do rust watercolour paper to use in my journals.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANormally I simmer my dye baths over an open fire in the back yard but there was no way I was going to do that today so dug up the camping stove and used the kitchen sink.Will post images of the finished paper and cloth tomorrow or Monday as once they are cooked I will leave them over night to cool .The house smells of eucalyptus a nice change from the dust smell the winds are bringing.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have a week at the beach with the carers group coming up and while sitting watching my pot simmer, I made up this little journal to use .Its likely to be our last carers holiday with NDIS coming in ,plus Libby will be too old for the NDIS when it starts up in our area . In September I will start contacting departments and finding out what Libby’s future will entail.

Well Im now off to do some hand sewing in my latest fabric book

bye for now.       F

Follow up to A Matter Of Time.

Well I was not selected for the Matter of Time quilt exhibition ,which didn’t surprise me ,so I can now show you the quilt.

Its my first art quilt in this style which Im calling deconstructed .Its a style I have been wanting to explore and Im hoping to get better at it as I develop the style.I spent a lot of time on this quilt working out how to’s  instead of how it looks .(theres some terrible lines/edges that should flow but don’t)But practice will make me better….

Im currently working on an art exhibition for next month at the Wondai Art Gallery on breast cancer with another local artist.As well as working on my next SoTa art quilt.


A Matter of Summer time.

A matter of time

Well I finished my art quilt for the “A Matter of Time” challenge this morning and have sent off my entry form/photos this afternoon.So its now a matter of waiting till I hear if my quilt has been accepted.

Entries close the 15th of Jan 2016,with announcements made by the 22nd of Jan.So a month to wait …………..

Which means theres no pics till then …#&**##(@!!!!!!!

Anyway its about one of our common summer time features….

Till I hear the results cheers and stay safe.


Im reworking an art shrine I made a few years back when I had my double mastectomy for my last lot of breast cancer.I have an exhibition in February next year with another local artist who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the start of this year.

All her work looks like being black and white drawings and most of mine are looking to be colourful , mixed media piece.



Had an order for some fancy cut willow pattern ceramics or blue and white ceramics if I didn’t have enough willow pattern . I knew I was low on willow pattern plates and have been snooping around looking for more.But no luck at the mo ,will have to get my sister onto the search for me.

Some of the shaped ceramics
Some of the shaped ceramics

So I cut what I had and then some other blue and white ceramics into shapes suitable for jewellery making ,as well as clean up some scraps I can use either in jewellery or charm making.

They still need to be sealed around the edges and holes drill if and when needed .

In one photo a piece of old blue glass has been ground ready to be included in a new  piece of jewellery Im planing to make.

fancy cut ceramics

cleaned scrap pieces
cleaned scrap pieces

cut/cleaned ceramics

Ro Bruhn’s workshop

Early September saw me enjoying my yearly week’s holiday on the sunshine coast with other local carers.We tend to spend a lot of time chilling out ,shopping,movies,walking the beach and eating out.Anyway this year I also had a weekend workshop booked with Ro Bruhn at Noosa on stamp making ,gellie printing and journal making.


It was a brilliant weekend with lots of laughter,meeting up with old friends and learning.I had done 1 basic gellie printing workshop in the past and had got side tracked at that one ,so considered myself a complete newbie at gellie printing.

Ro had us making our own stamps saturday morning out of sticky backed foam and card board.So easy ,here are prints from my two stamps.

Spirals and flowers 2 of my all time favourite design elements.
My stamps only covered half the plate and because of that often gave me a line through the plate print.

And then the fun began with us printing pages for our journal and Ro showing us different techniques throughout the day.We used our stamps as well as stencils ,found items  and more to assist us with our printmaking.

Commercial stencil used
Commercial stencil used

I have used a commercial stencil as a mask here and below some feathers picked up on one of my beach walks was used as a mask here .

3 feathers used as mask

And a small fragment of very frayed feed sacking was used here.I double printed it ,turning it 180′ between prints ,its very busy ,a bit too busy me thinks.

 very frayed feedsack cloth used as mask

One technique Ro showed us was the sticky tape transfer method.This is my first attempt and while mine have just been glued straight into the journal you can cut shapes from them and either glue or sew them on to what ever you like.

Strips of sticky tape with transfer print.

Ghost prints are made when you take a second print of the plate before applying more paint/ink.These I really love, and here is my favourite print from the weekend.

My favourite page

A ghost print with 2 layers of printing ,fading in and out of colour.

GELLIE PRINTThe ghost print is the background here and a felt drinks coaster was used to stamp the design on with.

This ghost print below,is however not so good ,far to busy and confusing .While typing this post up I began wondering if a layer of white paint in the negative technique  around the flowers would help this page .Will give it a go and see.


Sunday saw us learning a simple coptic book binding technique and stitching our books together.Mine I finished stitching together back at the holiday unit ,and immediately began embellishing it.Im using it as a holiday journal for that week of fun , as well as a sample book/techniques book for gellie printing.I used all the pages I printed ,even the ones I don’t really like ,with a description of how on each page.It was about learn and making mistakes is part of that learning process.I have it about half done but during a studio clean up put my stash of embellishments/photos somewhere safe :/   …….Once I find the stash again I will be finishing it off and photo-ing it again to show you the finished result…….

The lesson to be learnt from this is don’t clear up your studio.    ;D

was it a dream or a ….


I made this quilt at the start of the year for the Qld SOTA 2015 exhibition, it was accepted and is currently travelling around Queensland.Its my first quilt to be accepted in to an exhibition as till now I have simple shown my quilts in local art galleries.

I received the background fabric in a swap during 2014 and knew immediately the quilt I was going to make with it.

Altered mental states be they from dreaming,trances,mental illness or drugs is something I’ve been exploring for sometime.In this quilt the dreamer is represented as the female flying within the black dream bird ,across a vividly coloured world. Within art ,birds are often used to represent the dream state .The sense of flying that some experience while dreaming is thought to be the reason.Now for the tricky bit,she is flying on a black dream bird across vivid colour so is she dreaming black & white or in vivid colour and don’t ask me because at this point I have no idea.The fact that some people dream black & white ,while others dream in colour has always fascinated me and that is one of the questions I was playing around with while I made this quilt.Yes Im sure I haven’t explained this clearly but Im not sure I can any clearer at this point.I often have silly questions/ideas buzzing around in my head and this quilt is to do with the colour verses black & white dream state.

Materials used were the glorious printed cotton I received in 2014 ,black velvet that came from a very old skirt of mine.Skirt lining from another old skirt was used for the female dreamer and the beads were pass alongs from a friend.There is bamboo batting in the sandwich with part of an old tablecloth making up the back section.And yes I love using old fabrics…….who doesn’t

Techniques used were machine quilting on the background with the dreamer & the dream bird both being fused firstly then hand appliqué .Before the bead embroidery was done.