Ro Bruhn’s workshop

Early September saw me enjoying my yearly week’s holiday on the sunshine coast with other local carers.We tend to spend a lot of time chilling out ,shopping,movies,walking the beach and eating out.Anyway this year I also had a weekend workshop booked with Ro Bruhn at Noosa on stamp making ,gellie printing and journal making.


It was a brilliant weekend with lots of laughter,meeting up with old friends and learning.I had done 1 basic gellie printing workshop in the past and had got side tracked at that one ,so considered myself a complete newbie at gellie printing.

Ro had us making our own stamps saturday morning out of sticky backed foam and card board.So easy ,here are prints from my two stamps.

Spirals and flowers 2 of my all time favourite design elements.
My stamps only covered half the plate and because of that often gave me a line through the plate print.

And then the fun began with us printing pages for our journal and Ro showing us different techniques throughout the day.We used our stamps as well as stencils ,found items  and more to assist us with our printmaking.

Commercial stencil used
Commercial stencil used

I have used a commercial stencil as a mask here and below some feathers picked up on one of my beach walks was used as a mask here .

3 feathers used as mask

And a small fragment of very frayed feed sacking was used here.I double printed it ,turning it 180′ between prints ,its very busy ,a bit too busy me thinks.

 very frayed feedsack cloth used as mask

One technique Ro showed us was the sticky tape transfer method.This is my first attempt and while mine have just been glued straight into the journal you can cut shapes from them and either glue or sew them on to what ever you like.

Strips of sticky tape with transfer print.

Ghost prints are made when you take a second print of the plate before applying more paint/ink.These I really love, and here is my favourite print from the weekend.

My favourite page

A ghost print with 2 layers of printing ,fading in and out of colour.

GELLIE PRINTThe ghost print is the background here and a felt drinks coaster was used to stamp the design on with.

This ghost print below,is however not so good ,far to busy and confusing .While typing this post up I began wondering if a layer of white paint in the negative technique  around the flowers would help this page .Will give it a go and see.


Sunday saw us learning a simple coptic book binding technique and stitching our books together.Mine I finished stitching together back at the holiday unit ,and immediately began embellishing it.Im using it as a holiday journal for that week of fun , as well as a sample book/techniques book for gellie printing.I used all the pages I printed ,even the ones I don’t really like ,with a description of how on each page.It was about learn and making mistakes is part of that learning process.I have it about half done but during a studio clean up put my stash of embellishments/photos somewhere safe :/   …….Once I find the stash again I will be finishing it off and photo-ing it again to show you the finished result…….

The lesson to be learnt from this is don’t clear up your studio.    ;D

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